Charter Flights

Northern Air, Inc. is the “on call” air charter service for the Northern Panhandle.  We can deliver up to three people or any number of packages to any one of 13,000 airports in the contiguous United States. [Subject to weight limits] Times and days of departures and arrivals are not controlled by schedules or seating availability.  Whenever you want to go we are ready, weather permitting.

We are closely regulated by the FAA to make sure that we meet the same strict standards as the commercial carriers do.

  •  Cessna 337 Twin Engine Aircraft – $660 per hour @  170 kts.
  •  Cessna 182 Single Engine Aircraft – $325 per hour @  126 kts.
  •  Cessna 172 Single Engine Aircraft – $210 per hour @  104 kts.

FAA Air Carrier Certificate # NR9A164I