Fire Detection

N52812, a Cessna 182, is our primary detection aircraft. It is also an Air Tactical Type II aircraft when a Forest Service provided attack pack is installed. 

This Aircraft Features:

  • AFF (automatic flight following) – 2 min. position reporting.
  • TIS (traffic information system) – Displays the altitude and direction of travel of other aircraft.
  •  Two Garmin GNS 430 Radio/GPS Units – Provides the opportunity to display navigation information and traffic or other information separately.
  • Audio Panel Manages 3 Radios – allows the observer (passenger) to isolate their conversations from the pilot’s radio operations.
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks – can remain airborne for 5 hours with reserves.
  • Antenna and Electrical Connections for Attack Pack.
  • Meets Current USFS/OAM Specs
  • Comfortable Leather Seats

Testimonial and Recommendation

“I would like to nominate the pilots of Northern Air for the Firefighter of the year award. Reason for nomination of Dave Parker of Northern Air as follows:

Dave is very professional at his job and is a pleasure to work with. Every time I have flown with them it is a great experience and knowing that I will get a very fun and professional flight is a tribute to their dedication and commitment to the KNF.

Also, they have an outstanding safety record and it shows through their ability to give excellent safety briefings. Northern Air also has some of the best equipment out there and this is a testament to the quality they provide to the Kootenai National Forest.

I am always excited to fly with them every chance I get”

Adam C Carr/R1/USDAFS