Meet the Team

Dave Parker

Owner, Airport Manager, CFII, A&P IA

Dave Parker’s love of aviation traces back to buying his first 5-cent airplane on the way home from first grade.  Upon reaching 18 years of age he received his private pilot license through a Boy Scout Explorer post.  By age 21, he had earned his Commercial, Instrument, and Certified Flight Instructor ratings.  He had also built an airplane.  The 230 mile-per-hour Glassair sport plane was the 50th aircraft of its type to be built in the world.  Dave learned aerobatics in the plane and demonstrated it at air shows throughout the Northwest.

Dave now has over 10,000 hours flying with over 3,500 hours of flight instruction in many different aircraft.  He enjoys giving flight lessons, tracking wildlife, improving aircraft, and meeting all the neat people that make up the field of aviation.

Wayne Sommers

ATP, CFII, MEII, Tailwheel

Wayne and his wife, Claudia, moved to Bonners Ferry from the Coeur d’Alene area in 2001 to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

If you can name an airplane, Wayne has probably flown it.  With over 30,000 hours in the pilot seat as a freight pilot, charter pilot, and flight instructor, Wayne has more than a few good stories to tell.  To put 30,000 hours into perspective, it’s like spending about 3.5 years in the sky.

Wayne came to work at Northern Air in the summer of 2012 as a part-time relief pilot during fire season.  He now flies as our main Tailwheel pilot, and he lends his hand to help fly any machine that needs a qualified pilot.

Nicole Blackmore

Office Manager

Nicole’s first time in an aircraft, other than a big commercial airliner, was when she was 13 years old. On a family vacation, her uncle flew her around in a helicopter, and the idea of becoming a pilot first entered her mind. At 16, she experienced the freedom of flight at the EAA Pancake Breakfast. Accompanied by Dave Parker, who talked her through each step she needed to take when in the air, Nicole accomplished something she could only dream of. In those moments she knew she needed to be a pilot. “The experience was something I can’t describe; it’s something you have to feel to understand.”

Since then she went on to win the EAA scholarship and is now enrolled in ground and flight training. When she’s not flying or studying, she’s in the terminal building helping other students achieve their dream of flight too.      

Johannes Snyder


Johannes had his first flight lesson at Northern Air on his 10th birthday and has been in love with aviation ever since! He completed his First Solo Flight at age 16, and earned his Private Pilot License at 17.

In 2018, Johannes moved to Alaska to fulfill his childhood dream of becoming an Alaskan Bush Pilot. He lived in a village in South Central Alaska for a year where he continued his training earning his Instrument Rating and his Commercial License. While in Alaska he gained a lot of valuable experience, flying all around the state, and had a ton of fun! His favorite memory is his first landing on a gravel bar in a SuperCub.

Johannes returned to Northern Air in March of 2020 where he earned his Flight Instructor’s Certificate. He is excited to be back in Bonners Ferry, and eager to share his experience and love for aviation with his students.

Rick Durden

ATP, CFII, MEI, Tailwheel, Aerobatics

Rick started instructing at Northern Air in 2018. He has type ratings in the Douglas DC-3 and Cessna Citation and over 8,000 hours of flying time in more than 200 different types of aircraft.

When he’s not instructing he is engaged in his practice of aviation law, something he’s been doing for over 40 years, and writing for various aviation magazines including Aviation Consumer, AVweb, AOPA Pilot, Aviation Safety and IFR Refresher.

He is the author of The Thinking Pilot’s Flight Manual or, How to Survive Flying Little Airplanes and Have a Ball Doing It, Vols. 1 & 2. Copies are available at Northern Air.

Dalin Hubbard


Dalin stumbled upon aviation when someone in a math class mentioned a scholarship for a chance to learn how to fly at Northern Air. Well, after receiving that scholarship, Dalin has been partial to aviation ever since. This appreciation for aviation has led Dalin to acquire his Bachelors in Aviation Science from Utah Valley University. Now as a flight instructor he hopes to instill that same admiration for aviation in others.

If Dalin isn’t at the airport, he is with his family or he is on the farm, where he has fond memories of the crop duster jolting him awake in the morning.

Katherine Boger


Katherine first tasted flight on her 17th birthday.  Her uncle, a crop duster, ignited the aviation bug within her when he took her for a ride in his Super Cub on floats. She began volunteering at the Boundary County Airport in the fall of 2011 and excitedly received the local EAA flight scholarship, earning her wings in May of 2013. 

Her most memorable moment of training was seeing the gorgeous valley lights during her night cross country flight with CFI Carla Dedera.  Katherine is pursuing her Instrument rating with Northern Air, and will assist you with a smile here at Northern Air, Inc.

Phillip Heisey

A & P Mechanic with IA

Phil joined Northern Air in August of 2018. His background includes aircraft maintenance as well as flying. Starting his aviation career at Davis College in Toledo, OH, he earned his associates degree in aviation administration, as well as flight instructor ratings while building flight time teaching at the college.

From there, he joined Riley Aviation in Sturgis, MI, flying charter twin Cessna, and working as an apprentice in the maintenance shop. Following nuptials, he moved to South Bend, IN to fly right seat for Patrick Industries in a Saberliner NA-265. 

Phil and his wife left the Midwest and headed to southern Colorado for a mechanics apprenticeship. Phil spent 14 years working for Mountain View Aeromotive in Alamosa, CO growing his love for mechanic life, earning his A&P and his IA license while there. He enjoys working on aircraft and cherishes the time he gets to spend with his wife and two daughters.

Ryan Roady

A & P Mechanic

Ryan grew up in Bonners Ferry, took his first flight as a teenager with Dave Parker and has come full circle back to Northern Air to work as an A & P Mechanic.

Starting his aviation career in Anchorage, Alaska, Ryan went to the University of Alaska Anchorage for professional piloting. He earned his private pilot license and instrument rating. A summer job as ground crew at Brooks Range Aviation in Bettles, Alaska provided an opportunity to work on airplanes. Ryan worked as an apprentice mechanic, then earned his A & P license and enjoyed working on aircraft in rural Alaska.

In 2013, he moved with his wife back to Bonners Ferry and started working at Quest Aircraft in Sandpoint on the production of Kodiak aircraft and later as mechanic in the factory service center. When not at work, Ryan likes to spend time outdoors his wife and two children.

Jim Chaney


Jim started his aviation career in the Marines as an aircraft mechanic/gunner in 1968 aboard the CH-46 Seaknight helicopter. Served two tours in Vietnam during his 5 year enlistment then transferred to the Air Force in 1973. During his tour in the Air Force as an aircraft mechanic he was later promoted to Flight Enginer on the C-130 Hercules then a few years latter to the C-141 Starlifter, spending most of his career at McChord AFB flying strategic worldwide airlift. He ended his career on the Wing Commanders Staff, retiring in 1994. 

Having accumulated over 10,000 hours as a Flight Engineer he came out of retirement (after a year of sailing) to work for American Trans Air aboard the Boeing 727 then latter the Lockheed L-1011 Tristar.

After the attack on 9/11 he was furloughed; out of an occupation and a job all in one day! Since he had a degree in education, decided on becoming a flight instructor because of his love for flying and teaching.

After completing his training at Aurora aviation in Oregon his first job as a professional flight instructor was at the PanAm Flight academy in Deer Valley Arizona, training Chinese Airline Pilots in instrument flying. When that 2 year contract ended he relocated to Tri Cities Washington teaching at Sundance Aviation in Richland until moving to Bonners Ferry in 2020.

Jim has over 4,500 hours in single engine airplanes, much of that time in the Piper Archers and Cessna 172’s flight instructing. His motto is: “if it ever quits being fun, I won’t do it anymore” well that sure hasn’t happened yet!

Cali Iacolucci

Office Assistant

Cali grew up in Bonners Ferry and first flew on her 8th birthday. Since then, she has planned her future around aviation. Cali enjoys volunteering at EAA Pancake Breakfasts, and has been a recipient of two of their scholarships. In 2021 she passed her Private Pilot Checkride at the age of 17. She is now an instrument student at Northern Air and will talk about her love for aviation with anyone who will listen.

In addition to flying, Cali enjoys spending time with family and playing casual sports with friends.