Advanced Ratings & More

Biennial Flight Review (BFR)

Schedule your Biennial Flight Review with us! During the summer, please expect to book at least a week in advance. Call us to get started!

Tail-wheel Endorsement

If you’re ready for a challenge, then we’re ready to take you up in our Citabria! Perfect for Back Country flying, this little plane keeps flying fun!

Instrument Rating

You earned your wings, but you’re hindered by the clouds? Learn to fly the highways in the sky! With our Full-Motion and Table-top Simulators we can help you get there. Call to inquire about availability.

Instrument Proficiency Checks

Did you know that as of June 2018 you can complete your IPC in our Full-Motion Sim? Keep IFR current without the cost!

Commercial Pilot’s License

If you’re ready to take on the skies and fly as a pro – look no further than Northern Air! Our excellent quality and high maintenance standards make us your number 1 choice in Northern Idaho!

High Performance / Complex Rating

Add this integral endorsement to your flying toolbox — High Performance and Complex ratings are completed in our Turbo-charged CE 182 RG.