We have been maintaining aircraft to Part 135 standards since 1997. Our accurate, honest and professional service causes us to say the following with confidence:

  •  We perform the job to the best of our abilities.
  •  We complete the task equal to the original.
  •  We perform the work in accordance with appropriate data.
  •  We perform the job without pressures, stress or distractions.
  •  We always re-inspect our work, or have someone inspect our work before returning it to service.
  •  We make the proper entries and perform operational checks after the work is accomplished.
  •  We sign on the bottom line and are willing to fly in the aircraft once it is completed.

We are suppliers for the following:

  •  Electronics International Instruments
  •  Power Flow Exhaust Systems
  •  JPI Instruments
  •  Continental and Lycoming factory engines
  •  Avionics installation supplies