Flight Simulators

Benefits of Flight Simulation

– FAA approved to log specified flight time toward private, instrument, commercial, ATP certificates
– Familiarize yourself with flight controls and instruments
– Pause in flight, ask questions, and resume flight
– Takeoff and land on every flight
– No more waiting on the weather
– Practice emergencies safely
– Simulate various instrument failures
– Familiarize yourself with airports BEFORE you fly there
– Do all this from the comfort and convenience of a climate-controlled room, at the touch of a button, and at a fraction of the cost!

Redbird FMX:

Full Motion Flight Simulator, FAA Approved AATD

Can simulate 4 different aircraft:
– Cirrus SR22 with Avidyne glass panel
– C172 standard 6 pack with Garmin 430/530 GPS
– C182 RG with Garmin G1000 (glass cockpit)
– Piper Seneca PA34 Twin Engine with standard 6-pack instruments and Garmin 430/530

FMX Features:  
– Electric Motion Platform
– Fully enclosed cockpit
– High quality, +200° wrap-around visuals with 6 monitors that simulate actual terrain
– Unique pilot key system
– Training can be scenario based
– Portable panel for instructors to control weather scenarios and/or failures
– 4 Quick-change cockpit configurations
– Database full of different terrain and airports
– Capable of re-positioning, pausing, ending, or replaying recorded flights

Redbird: In Motion Without Commotion
– Superior, safe, and cost-effective alternative for learning to fly VFR or IFR
– Ability to train different maneuvers such as stalls, steep turns, slow flight, chandelles, and lazy 8’s
– Emergency training such as spins, stalls, engine failures, emergency landing to the ground, and takeoff emergencies
– Complete your full IPC and keep current!

Redbird X-Wind

Crosswind Practice and Simulator Benefits:
– Safe and efficient! No risk, no fuel burn, and no damage to the aircraft
– Train in gusty, crosswind, and turbulent conditions for extended periods over a never-ending runway
– MAX: 30 mph winds from the left and right
– 0-15 mph gusts, with 2 levels of added turbulence (1-moderate, 2-difficult)25% of all accidents are influenced by crosswinds

Did you know
– 98% of all accidents occur below 15 knots
– Crosswinds and wind gusts are the leading cause of weather related incidents
– Can cause more accidents than raining, thunderstorms, and fog COMBINED
– Crosswinds are the most difficult maneuver to master, and the most expensive (quick and efficient, compared to flying long traffic patterns to practice a crosswind for 20 seconds)

New October 2017 – GIFT!

What is GIFT?  It is Guided Independent Flight Training using a virtual instructor in the FMX full-motion simulator.  Each student will receive their own “key” and license.  From there, the student can access 33 lessons to familiarize themselves with how the airplane operates, which will (hopefully) lead to less expense for the student in actual flight and instructor time.  The 33 video and flight lessons include:

  • Straight and level flight
  • Changing power in straight and level flight
  • Turns (Normal, Climbing, Slow, Steep, etc.)
  • Climbs (Best Angle/Rate, Descents)
  • Taxi & Takeoff (Normal, Crosswind, Short Field, Soft Field)
  • Landings (Normal, Crosswind, Short Field, Soft Field)
  • Traffic patterns
  • Cross country flight

And many others!  This course is intended to supplement flight training, in a plane with an instructor.  Northern Air has put together a GIFT Training Package which includes:

  • Redbird GIFT Pilot Key and License
  • One hour familiarization “flight” in the simulator with a CFI
  • 10 hours Simulator Training Time

for the bargain price of $675, a $325 savings.  Call 208-267-4359 to reserve your key or schedule a demo.