Tactical Air Operations

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N9CS is a Cessna Skymaster 337. It is an Air Tactical Type I with TCAS/TCAD platform and is well suited to this task. The C-337 is pressurized and turbocharged with retractable landing gear.

This Aircraft Features:

  • STOL Kit.
  • AFF (automatic flight following) – 2 min. position reporting.
  • Long Range Fuel Tanks – can remain airborne for 6 hours with reserves.
  • Audio Panel Manages 3 Radios – allows the observer (passenger) to isolate their conversations from the pilot’s radio operations.
  • New Digital FM Radios.
  • Passenger Side Communications Panel – Air Attack tested!
  • Large Windows – In the words of an experienced ATGS “Unparalleled Visibility!”
  • Moderate Cost – Most cost effective twin available.
  • Centerline Thrust Engines (push/pull) – safest twin design.
  • Highly Effective for Aerial Detection Operations too!
  • TCAS/TCAD (traffic collision avoidance system) – displays potential threat aircraft on Garmin 430.
  • Pilot, Dave Parker—cooperative, friendly, highly experienced, mission oriented, owner, mechanic, A&P, IA, definitely knows the aircraft!
  • Relief Available.