Wildland Fire Suppression

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Northern Air is a Part 135 certified operator and its pilots and aircraft meet Part 135 standards.

However, providing good service to agencies engaged in fire protection requires more than just being able to field pilots and aircraft that meet certain federal requirements.  Northern Air has over 10 years of experience assisting wildland fire suppression agencies.  We understand the unique and demanding environment of emergency management operations that require solid performance and the ability to function cooperatively and safely in stressful situations.

Northern Air is extremely safety conscious.  We are very aware of crew resource and fatigue management issues and strongly support agency efforts to ensure safe operation.  Emergency fire management knows no schedule.  Our dedicated personnel are committed to providing good service.

We provide the following assets:

  • Highly Qualified Pilots.
  • Charter for firefighters and other staff.
  • A History of Providing Reliable Equipment
    • Our professional and ethical approach to providing pre-season replacement of components, even when replacement is not yet due, assures safer, more reliable operations and less down time for required 100 hour inspections.
  • An understanding of the firefighting environment.
    • Our pilots have many years of detection and air attack experience.  We understand the needs of the personnel on the ground and how important aerial assistance and supervision is to their success and safety.
  • Platforms for aerial fire detection.
  • Platforms for tactical air operations.